Viscose Handloom rug is a new addition to our natural fibre hand made range. Due to rug's low pile profile it is perfect for a variety of decorating purposes. 

Use it under the table to define a dining area, layer it on top of jute carpet or rug to add extra dimention and texture, put it under the bed to keep your feet from getting cold in the mornings or simply as a feature in living and/or sitting areas.

The rug is available in 4 colours:


and comes in the following sizes:

  • 75x300cm
  • 160x230cm
  • 200x290cm
  • 240x340cm
  • 300x400cm

We are constantly trying to improve our products based on the customer feedback. Hence, to improve rug's shape retention and durability we have added a cotton backing to Jute Flatweave "Kerala" . 

We still carry some of the stock both with backing and without backing. So when ordering if you are after Kerala without backing, please let us know. Unfortunately, once all the stock without backing is gone, it's gone. From now on there's only going to be Kerala with backing (unless we will receive a feedback from you guys that you prefer it without backing).

Another range that had seen small modifications is our wool flatweave "Himalaya". All 3 colours (light grey, dark grey, beige) now come without fringe. As in the case of "Kerala", if you still prefer an option with fringe, please let us know. We will see if there's still any left overs. Unfortunately, once they are gone, we won't be restocking the version with fringe anymore (unless there's enough interest).